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5 Women’s Styles to Stand Out on Any Holiday Party

Tis the season to bring back the sparkles and shine from the bottom of your closet.  After a year of mostly loungewear, you might be looking for a breath of fresh air to rejuvenate your holiday wardrobe. Fortunately for us, Womens winter fashion is abundant with styling ideas to create spectacular party outfits. Read on for style inspiration that will let you stand out at any holiday party and celebrate in style.


1) Glitter it up with sequins

Sequins are a flawless choice for adding sparkles to your holiday party outfit. While wearing an embellished gown can cast a magic spell, make sure that you apply it sparingly. Sequins matched with your earrings, bags, and other pieces of jewelry or accessories can make your garment too bland. Limiting the glittering stuff to the collar, cuffs, hem, or skirt will give you that luxe appeal without crossing the line of extravagance. If you want to tone down the glitter a bit try layering it up with a white jacket.


2) Catch their eyes with printed patterns 

For ladies who want to make a fashion statement without dressing up in exotic styles like metallics or plumes, printed dresses can do the same. From zebra prints to polka dots, —there’s a good deal of print patterns to keep any holiday party-goer fashionable. If you’re ready to rock something much more in the spirit of the season, go for an outfit with Christmas-themed imprints.

Embroidering is a classical alternative to printed designs. Sweatshirts and beanies embroidered with fabulous designs have a subtle but graceful touch to them. You can read more about creating a great embroidery design at CapBargain’s blog – Tips for designing a perfectly embroidered logo on your cap.


3) Accessories – for  the complete holiday look

A charming holiday party outfit is rarely done without the right set of accessories. Accessories help you find that harmonious balance by amping up or toning down the luster of your outfits. Some of the best accessories that catch the eyes are headbands, watches, embroidered hats, necklaces, and earrings. And if it is metallic and shiny, extra style points to you. These are sure to make a bold fashion statement whether worn individually or combined!



4) Find the right colors

The rule of thumb for standing out with the colors of your attire is to think the opposite. Classic holiday shades like red and green – well most people are going to wear them. Don’t jump the bandwagon and blend in with the crowd. Instead, steal the limelight with unique colors that few people choose – like fairer shades of blue.

Use a color chart to find the perfect shades that match your skin tone and the season. And don’t forget to match and complement the rest of your outfits and accessories for a complete look. If you want to set yourself apart while still dressing up in the traditional colors, consider wearing distinct tones of red and green – like emerald and crimson.



5) Play up the textures

If you want to add that extra bit of luxury to your holiday party garments, textures are the way to go. Heavier fabrics such as velvet, fur, or taffeta are all classic styles that add a subtle sparkle. If you lean towards garments with a detailed design rather than something with block colors, lace overlays with beaded embellishments are also a great option. The key to making textures work is to keep them subtle but elegant.

Bringing it all together


If you are anything like me, you want your party outfit to be one of a kind all the while encapsulating the essence of the season.

Hopefully, with these ideas, you will be the belle of the Christmas ball, and people will be all mouths about your looks — for all the good reasons.


About the author  

Melody D is a promotional marketing strategist, product expert, and blog writer at CapBargain. Having 8+ years of experience in the apparel industry, she follows the trends in the fashion world with a strong sense of passion and finds joy in sharing her fascination with the rest of the world.

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