Acupunture for hand pain

How Acupuncture help with Hand and Wrist Pain?

Our hands and thumbs are the most essential tools of our body to accomplish regular day-to-day tasks. These organs are created in an advanced way compared to any other creature on the planet. Thus,  we have to be aware of their ability and complication. Just like artificial equipment, our hands and thumbs also get weaker with age. We need to take special care to protect our hands and thumbs from getting fragile and weaker. As both of our hands play crucial roles in our regular lives, they often suffer from sprain, osteoarthritis, and discomfort.

Our hands and wrist are the organs that go through regular wear and tear every single day. We need to mention that, with the modern age of the internet, our hands and fingers are going through serious stress because we used to write text and type emails by putting a moderate amount of stress on our fingers. Carpal tunnel syndrome is one of the well-known hand issues where hand ligament and tendons get swelled up, and the median nerve that links our hand to forearms also gets swelled up and you experience excruciating pain.

However, every problem has a particular solution in this advanced age. There are different types of therapy available by medical science. It is good for health and lifestyle. Here we are going to focus on acupuncture therapy to cure hand pain. Acupuncture is a non-invasive alternative approach that opens up nerves and increases blood flow to the affected body.

Hand acupuncture

It originated from the ancient Chinese civilization. Acupuncture is utilizing to stimulate the meridian energy flows in our body. When our meridian energy gets blocked, our body cannot protect itself from homeostasis, which is the actual reason for pain being created. ( It is the Chinese belief). After thousand years, this form of pain management exists as the approach has proven to be worked by opening up the meridian nerves. It also gradually cures arthritis without surgery.

How does Acupuncture cure Carpal tunnel?

Carpal tunnel is the irritation of the forearm and wrist, the pain goes up to the palm of your hand and each finger. Carpal tunnels develop while the median nerve gets compressed at the wrist and passes through a space covered by the elbow and other bones. When the space gets too tight because of swelling and inflammation, the median nerves get compressed, which causes chronic pain and numbness, which extends up to the fingers.

What are the advantages of using Acupuncture for hand pain?

Acupuncture is basically applicable to manage pain, offering local-anti-inflammatory healing at the wrist while detecting the larger-framework set-up for local wrist issues. The acupuncture practice is artful by releasing the meridian energy point by pushing small, topical needles that are strategically placed as per the nervous system framework. The small set of needles effectively releases the in-built tension and pain from the particular region, which thus allows the nerve to free flow again, which improves the blood circulation at that particular region.

With improved blood circulation, our body starts to process inflammation more efficiently. Our blood supplies oxygen and nutrients to the particular region, which therefore allows the system to prevent and fight against stiffness and irritation. Our blood flushes out inner toxins and unwanted metabolite wastage that would build up at that site.

Can Acupuncture cure my Carpal tunnel?

Though any kind of invasive and non-invasive treatment can not claim 100% recovery from Carpal tunnel, tear and wear in the arm or wrist. Still, medical research studies have confirmed that Acupuncture is the safest method to reduce Carpal tunnel pain and discomfort.

Hand arthritis and Acupuncture

Arthritis is a very common bone and joint issue developed in fingers and hands. Make it difficult to use as they get lock. Assuming that you observe the capacity and execution of your hands can’t fulfill customary guidelines without horrendous torment, you are likely experiencing hand joint inflammation and arthritis. Acupuncture helps open up the nerve canals that connect the forearm and hands, which compress due to inflammation and swelling of the ligaments and tendons of the hands. Acupuncture cures hand & wrist pain without the risk of invasive surgeries.

How does electroacupuncture cure hand pain?

It functions by pulsating electrical current within it. These days, hand therapists use electro-acupuncture to open up the meridian; it is a great alternative to manage hand pain and carpal tunnel. Another research study concluded that electroacupuncture is a non-invasive, safe, and valuable. This is the way to reduce hand pain without developing any side effects.

How often do you need to receive acupuncture treatment for hand pain?

Acupuncture falls under hand therapy treatment. Now hand therapists recommend Acupuncture to decrease hand and wrist pain. The acupuncture schedule is different for each person as different people react differently to the therapy. However, therapists work with each patient multiple times a week. They start measuring and witnessing the outcome in a 1-2 month schedule. The expert evaluates all results together and makes future treatment plans required for complete recovery.

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