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Cali Life Style: Everything You Need to Know About CLS Musical Artist

Where is Cali Life Style from?

Rap duet of Chicanos Cali Life Style was founded in 1992 in Santa Maria, California. The group consisted of producer/DJ Dominator, rapper T-dre (Terry Funk), and Delux (Dominick?) (Alex Dominguez).

Cali Life Style was founded in 1992

Life Style

As a consequence, Cali Life Style was signed to Familia Records, a freshly rising underground label, in 1993 to represent the underground Chicano rap youth of the 805 Scene. They are well-known for being a part of the Sureno Rap Era’s beginnings (1995-2008)


for their contributions to Chicano Rap (1989–1999).


Mexico has launched an invasion.


THE MEXICAN INVASION, CLS’s debut album, was published in 1995. The album’s breakthrough single “Coastin,” a big underground smash, garnered played throughout the Southwest United States, Japan, Australia, and New Zealand. The Mexican Invasion, for example, was separate from the Chicano Rappers of Los Angeles (who used 70’s soul samples and Ice Cube flows) and San Diego Chicano Rappers (who used 50’s Rare Groove and Soul with their own distinct Calo Flows) who used the same sounds and styles. It was the first album to expose 805 California (Santa Barbara, Oxnard,Ventura) gang culture. Its 80’s Electro-funk samples in Chicano Rap, which is still a mainstay of the 805 and France’s Undergrounds music scene to this day.


Hip-hop for Latinos…


TELL IT LIKE IT IS, a follow-up album published in 1999, was inspired by TMI’s success. For that reason; the album was neglected at its premiere due to a shift in Chicano Rap. Lil Rob and Knightowl were at the forefront of 50’s Rare Groove and Soul sampling. Cali Lfie Style’s Dj member Dominator, who went on to found Central Coast Clique and change the Chicano Rap scene to 805 -CA- 80’s Electro-Funk Rap, would eventually recognise it as one of the duo’s finest albums, providing a fresh and strong approach to 80s Electro-Funk samples.


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Zapp & Rogger..


Consequently, the band’s final album before the split, SUN UP 2 SUN DOWN, was released on September 11, 2001. By the time the third album was out, the Chicano Rap crowd had changed to the NB RIDAZ method of Chciano Rap, which contained Zapp&Rogger, POP love songs. TELL IT LIKE IT IS was a stronger album than 1st Thing’s First, owing to the success of the lead single “1st Thing’s First” on LA RADIO SHOW -POCOS PERO LOCOS. TELL IT LIKE IT IS brought to light a rare instance of a Chicano rap artist mixing MIAMI BASS and Synth-Pop. Instead of DJ DOMINATOR, who was responsible for the majority of the album’s original production, a young FINGAZZ co-produced SUN UP 2 SUN DOWN.


“Southern Comfort” contains samples from Michael Jackson’s “Rock With You.”


“First Thing 1st” is one of the samples in Surface’s “Happy.”


The pair took a sabbatical and collaborated with various artists. Such as Central Coast Clique, Chino Grande, Don Cisco, E-Dub, and Paul Dateh during the 2000s.


Therefore, CLS released THE INVASION CONTINUES, a self-published album with appearances by Don Abusivo, in 2005.


CLS released The Foundation LP in 2008.

T-Dre, a rapper, was imprisoned in 2009.

LSOB got into a fight at a low-rider show over CLS’s song “Coastin,” which was supposed to be the lead single for the Mexican Invasion album due out in 1995. However, LSOB appears to have stolen Con Funk Shun’s “by your side” at a dual recording session in Los Angeles. LSOB released the song in 1994 as “Dip Into My Ride” Coastin and Down From The Get Go are two CLS songs that mention it.

Moreover, *Rapper T-dre is said to have slapped Kid Frost during a Lowrider event in the early 2000s. Over a disagreement about concepts when Kid Frost asked Sureno’s and Norteno’s to unite.


Individuals with Similar Interests


213 (Diamonique), Clicka 1 (Spanish Fly), Lil Blacky, Obesity Drugs and Methamphetamines (ODM) (Spanish Fly),


Dj Quik, Snoop Dogg, SOBAND, and Too Short followed.


Mr. Blue, Scrip Loc, Chino Grande, Diamonique, Fingazz, Mr. Capone-E, Prophecy, and Blunted are all affiliated.

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