5 Tips For Rocking Grey And Silver Hair

Grey hair, while an inevitability for some, should not be looked down upon, but rather welcomed. In fact, for the younger generation, wearing grey on purpose has been on the cards, with silver being a popular choice for surprising, sombre emotions.

Are You Looking For For Rocking Grey And Silver Hair?

1. Is It Better To Dye Or Not To Dye?


While a sleek silver dye job may be ideal for the younger set, the first step to pulling off this colour for older guys is to embrace natural grey hair. Grey hair has recently enjoyed a resurgence in the mainstream press, and it can be liberating to say the least. Actors like George Clooney and John Slattery have proven that when your hair goes to gunmetal, you have nothing to fear.

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2. The Cut Is Everything


The trick to enhancing a grey mane is to incorporate it into a trendy, sleek, and on-trend hairstyle. Never underestimate the power of a fashionable cut to completely transform your appearance, regardless of tone. The trick is to combine the unexpected: despite the hue, a youthful cut for grey hair will suggest to a younger, more current look.

3. Go with a Blow Dry


You don’t want your hair to become lifeless and grey. When grey hair is fuller and appears thicker, it is appealing. As a result, texture and volume are crucial. Make your hair look fuller with a blow-dry that emphasises silver hair in all of its greyscale glory. To achieve current looks worth going grey over, make sure to blow dry up and away from the face.

4. Tailoring for the Young


Always remember how important clothing selection is while assembling your aesthetic, no matter how stylish your hair is. Fitted apparel, flawless tailoring, and fresh tones for your wardrobe choices will help you maintain a modern, more youthful image. This will give your grey hair a fresh, youthful appearance without appearing immature.

5. The importance of the product cannot be overstated.


Grey hair is similar to blonde hair in that it has nowhere to hide, so use a fantastic product to amplify your locks, adding volume and providing the appearance of a thicker mane for the best results. Make sure your product isn’t too heavy; a light gel or mousse will give you a more natural look while also enhancing your shine rather than dulling your silver tones. Keep in mind that a pomade will thicken exceptionally well, but a smooth finish will give you a more current look.

Grey-Haired Celebrities


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