Five Winter Nail Color Trends

Since nail polish is a necessity for daily life, it seems sense that the colours should constantly match your mood. It would be reasonable to anticipate that you would choose darker colour tones in the winter to match the season when everything feels dry and desolate. However, this year’s winter calendar is also jam-packed with events and celebrations, so we believe that bolder hues will better fit the mood.

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Here are five manicure colours that can make this winter brighter for you.

1) Maroon Matte

Apricot Matte

The Lakme shade of peach is our modern interpretation of the year’s colour. This colour appears warm, womanly, delicate, and elegant with a hint of pink. It is the ideal accessory to wear with your professional dress because it is delicate and easy on the eyes. Additionally, because of its neutral mood, it can be worn even for more formal occasions. This nail polish’s blush pink shade ups your attractiveness and provides you a simple yet elegant appearance.

2) Big Red

Bold Red

Nothing quite conveys fashion quite like a red hue. With this plump finish nail colour from Lakme, you can instantly enhance the look of your entire set of nails. Any occasion you intend to attend is ideal for this deep, powerful colour. A colour this beautiful could be anything but monotonous. It is ornate and raucous, making it the ideal colour for any party.

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3) Lighting Up Gold

Illuminating Gold

Everything seems better with sparkles, and this gold lighting nail polish is no exception. This shimmery colour from Lakme’s line makes your nails appear to be worth a fortune. It combines poshness and elegance in one. Considering all the parties you want to attend this season, this shimmery colour is a must-have. This colour provides your nails a shiny texture and polish, making you and them the Centre of attention at any event, whether it be a wedding or a party.

4) Turn grey

Go Grey

This nail colour is for you if you’re not in the mood for a lot of colour and would rather something a little more relaxed. This Lakme grey nail colour is fairly subdued and understated. Additionally, it provides a matte finish to your nails that can endure the duration of the event. This grey is ideal if you need a quick nail colour change on a day that is particularly hectic.

5) Strong Black

Bold Black

With black, you can never go wrong. The secret to a fashion-forward appearance is Lakme’s neutral charcoal shade of black. Your complexion is quickly made more radiant by the colour contrast. No matter what colour your skin is, it appears wonderful and striking. It is the ideal everyday colour and goes with every situation.

Have you ever seen a winter nail paint that was more ideal?

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