8 Reasons Why You Keep Choosing The Wrong Man

You already have a slideshow of ex-boyfriends playing in your head just reading the heading. Men that you wasted your time with and believed would endure forever—not so fast, lady. You will encounter many men before you understand why you consistently choose the wrong ones. We may speed up that process, though, by focusing on a few key causes listed below.

Here Are Eight authentic Reasons For Why You Keep Choosing The Wrong Man In Life:

1) He’s just hot.

He's just hot

You can already see yourself nodding your head, don’t you? It almost seems as though making the incorrect choice and being heated go together. Well, nothing is completely under our control, especially not desire at first sight. There is no escaping your own destruction because you are obviously not thinking rationally in this situation.

2) You put too much faith in people.

You trust too easily

You’re a little too quick to see the best in everyone, aren’t you? Or do you just speak too much or too quickly without realising how exposed you are in front of him? Perhaps it’s time you trusted your pals more, or relied a little more on your gut, to avoid dealing with ADD (another dating disaster).

3) He thrills and thrills you.

He thrills and excites you

Something about him inspires your inner rebel to come out. You are pulled to everything about him, including his lack of concern for others, his outspoken lifestyle, his sense of adventure, and his fierce glares. How long do you believe that will endure, though? You will ultimately become exhausted.

4) You disregarded all the warning signs.

You ignore all the red flags

If you tend to put your heart before your head, you probably tend to ignore the negatives. You don’t consider the possibility that your compatibility is low or that your differences might be insurmountable. In order to enjoy and experience the thrill of being with him right now, you choose to ignore all the warning signs. Not the best approach, is it, right now?

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5) He makes an effort to alter who you are.

He tries to change who you are

Sure, he enriches your life by revealing a previously undiscovered aspect of you, and you soon find yourself doing too many things that you initially felt uncomfortable with. Although life has become an adventure overnight, are you really the person he is moulding you into?

6) You prefer the label. “older man”

You like the ‘older man’ tag

Having an older partner is a timeless concept. He knows better, so he gives you a taste of the good life—but only until he takes advantage of it by using the “I’m older than you” card during every argument. That turns becomes his method of degrading your value and continuously taking you for granted. Who would ever desire such a relationship, though?

7) You were duped by his bad boy behavior.

You fell for his bad boy ways

The younger boys are badass, but the elder men are adorable. You enjoy his bad boy, always getting into mischief attitude. He doesn’t care about you and won’t even try to be kind, but because of the way your thinking is bent, you see it as a challenge and dive down that rabbit hole in an effort to win him over. Why can’t you see it? He is covered in it, but he doesn’t care.

8) You make up things in your head.

You make things up in your head

You entered a state of delusion where love was everything beautiful and nothing practical as a result of all those books and movies you watched. As a result, you ignore the true signals he is sending and interpret them as you see fit. Now, how does one rescue a damsel in distress who presents a lovely picture of her plight? It’s about time, little daughter, you started acting up…

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