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4 Breathing Exercises You Can Do To Quit Smoking

Tobacco users know all too well what it is like to wake up with a cough, a cold, and other symptoms that make you want to quit smoking immediately. However, as the day wears on, you give in to temptation and light up a cigarette instead.


Exercising your lungs can speed up the process of quitting smoking, which is commendable if you are. Continue reading to learn more…

Here are Four Breathing Exercises You Can Do To Quit Smoking:

1) Breathing with the diaphragm

Diaphragmatic breathing

It’s based on the basic principle of belly breathing, and it’s one of the most fundamental pranayama exercises. Breathing is a two-step process: we inhale and exhale. The goal here is to deepen one’s breath so that oxygen reaches one’s lower abdomen.

Make sure your back is straight and that you’re sitting comfortably in a chair before you begin. Make a fist and place your palm on the inside of your tummy. When inhaling, keep your hand moving up and down. Your body will receive more and more oxygen as a result of this exercise. Do this ten times.

2) Lips pursed for inhalation

Pursed lip breathing

Your lungs will benefit from this exercise, Ensure that your lungs are fully inflated by taking a deep breath in and out. Then slowly exhale while pursing your lips like you’re whistling. Make sure to exhale slowly and comfortably, without squeezing the air out of your lungs.

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3) Hold and release

Hold and release

As you inhale, check to see that all of the air in your lungs is filled with oxygen. Make sure to mentally count all the way to four before beginning this exercise. Then, for about six counts, hold your breath. Breathe out slowly, making sure you exhale all the air you just took in. In yoga pranayamas, this is a common exercise.

4) Breathing that is coordinated


You’ll get more oxygen to your muscles and tissues if you do the coordinated breathing exercise. When working out, we often find ourselves holding our breath. Squats, for example, require you to take a deep breath in as you begin the movement. Release your breath slowly through your mouth when the exercise reaches its most difficult point (when you are actually squatting down). If you’re a smoker who’s trying to kick the habit, this workout is especially critical.

coordinated breathing

Make deep breathing part of your daily routine in addition to the breathing exercises you do in the morning. Conscious effort is required for the first few days, but it will become second nature. The key is to breathe deeply and as fully as possible. If you’re trying to kick the habit, these exercises are a great place to start!

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