Simple Suggestions For Eye Health During The Monsoon

Even while we adore the monsoons, we must acknowledge that they are detrimental for our health, particularly the eyes. Conjunctivitis, eye sties, and dry eyes are just a few of the illnesses that the humid weather is known to spread! But don’t panic.

Here Are Four Suggestions on how to keep your eyes away from these conditions:

1) Keep it tidy

Keep clean

We frequently unintentionally brush our eyes with dirty hands. This practice makes it simple for bacteria to spread and can result in serious eye illnesses including conjunctivitis and sties. Therefore, during the monsoons, be careful to often wash your hands to prevent the spread of bacteria from your hands to your eyes. Additionally, you should make it a practice to rinse your eyes with cold water after each visit. All the filth that has been in touch with your eyes due to rainwater will be removed by doing this.

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2) Don’t divulge

Don’t share

Avoid sharing towels and clothes with others because they could easily be contaminated and spread illnesses to you. Also remember that sharing makeup or makeup brushes is never a good idea because they could be contaminated from previous use, and using someone else’s goods can put you at risk for eye diseases.

3) Protective lenses

Eye protection

When exposed to dust or wind, wear eye protection such as glasses or sunglasses. However, make sure your eyewear has been well cleaned before you put it on. Wearing eye protection when you’re outside will help shield your eyes from airborne illnesses.

4) You’re vitamin A dosage

Your dose of vitamin A

Consult a physician and take the recommended dosage of Vitamin A supplements, which strengthen your eyes and aid in the battle against infections, if you truly want your eyes to remain healthy. Increasing your intake of foods high in vitamin A, such as carrots, sweet potatoes, and bell peppers, will also benefit your eyes.

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