6 Essential Moves To Get 6-Pack Abs

Men often strive for six-pack abs when it comes to fitness.


Want to appear fantastically toned? Get a six-pack. Do you want to pass for a model? Get a six-pack. You want to demonstrate to your ex what she’s missing. Get some abs, damn it! Their holy grail is right there.

Here are a few exercises that will give guys the desired abs while also giving them a huge ego boost:

1) Plank, Star

Star Plank

Set yourself up for a push-up.

So that your body forms a star shape, extend your arms and feet as widely as you can.

Hold the posture for 30 seconds with a straight back and tight abdominal.

2) French Toast Crunch

Swiss Ball Crunch

Your feet should be shoulder-width apart on the floor while you recline on the ball.

Put your hands behind your ears and use the ball to support your lower back.

As you sit up, curl and rise your body off the ball.

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3) Sit up with weights

Weighted Sit up

Place a weight plate on your chest while lying on the ground.

Bend your knees in front of your chest while keeping your feet on the ground.

Raising your torso till you are sitting up while holding onto the weight

4) Crab Stroll

Crab Walk

Your hands should be behind your back as you sit on the ground with your legs bent in front of you.

So that your hands and feet are firmly placed on the ground, lift your hips up.

Start moving ahead while walking by using your hands and feet.

5) Russian Twist with a Medicine Ball

Medicine Ball Russian Twist

Sit up straight while seated on the floor.

Extend your arms out in front of you while holding a medicine ball in each hand.

Twist your body violently to one side, then quickly reverse the motion.

6) Cocoon


Lay on your back with your arms behind your head in a straight line.

To perform a crunch, bring your knees in close to your chest while raising your torso and raising your arms above your head.

Repeat from the starting position.

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