Add These Super Seeds To Your Diet, Do You?

Super seeds are living proof that the adage “large things come in little packages” is accurate.

Here are Four Super seeds that you should include in your diet on a regular basis because they are rich in dietary fiber, protein, and antioxidants:

1) The Seeds Of Chia…

Chia seeds

Due to their high fiber content, chia seeds are quite gentle on the stomach. Chia’s fiber and your body’s digestive processes combine to increase your blood sugar levels, make you feel full, and prevent you from desiring unhealthy foods. Omega-3 fatty acids, iron, and calcium are additional nutrients found in chia seeds that all help to increase bone density.

Use them in: Chia seeds are great in salads, granola bars, and smoothies.

2) The Seeds Of Sesame…

Sesame seeds

Sesame seeds have many positive qualities, but their ability to provide calcium without the need of dairy makes them a crucial element for people who are lactose intolerant. Additionally, the iron, zinc, manganese, and copper in it allow for numerous enzymatic interactions that result in energy production, control your blood pressure, and lower your cholesterol.

Use them in: Sesame seeds can be eaten as a garnish on salads and with meat dishes. It goes well with grilled fish, roasted or grilled veggies, and even breads.

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3) The Seeds Of Pumpkin…

Pumpkin seeds

The iron, zinc, vitamins, magnesium, and protein included in pumpkin seeds all contribute to the health of your hair, nails, bones, and immune system.

Use them in: You may use pumpkin seeds as a garnish on salads and porridge. You may also use it in stir-fries and meat recipes, as well as enjoy it with yoghurt.

4) The Seeds Of Flax…

Flax seeds

Omega-3 fatty acids and soluble fibre found in abundance in flax seeds, a nutritional powerhouse, help decrease cholesterol levels and support the function of your brain. Flax seeds provide numerous health advantages, including lowering blood pressure, promoting eye health, protecting the cardiovascular system, and reducing anxiety.

Use them in: You may add ground flax seeds to just about any dough you prepare, including pancake, bread, and roti dough. Additionally, you can include ground flax seeds in your drinks and porridge. Use them to decorate your cereals and salads as well.

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