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5 Strategies For Making The Most Of Mango Season

There isn’t much about the summers that should delight someone who lives in a city. The oppressive heat only lengthens commutes, and having to give up your favourite blacks, your joyful colour, doesn’t help. However, mangoes also come with the summertime; did we just witness that pout change into a grin? That’s mangoes for you.

Mangoes Lovers

Here are the five best way to utilise the mango that brings you such joy is as follows:

1) Eat It

Eat it

Of course. However, don’t eat it by itself; combine it with a wholesome salad made up of tomatoes, bell peppers, and spring onions, or make a condiment out of it by adding black salt, mint, and garlic. or even yoghurt made with mango. Mangoes, yoghurt, cardamom, and honey are all that are required. Combine them, then freeze.

2) Ingest It

Drink it

Aamras and mango lassi are cool, but they still can’t compare to a tangy aam panna. Serve with ice cubes after combining the fresh mango pulp with some cumin (jeera) and black salt. Just letting you know, but you could also combine it with some vodka and sugar syrup.

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3) Spread It

Slather it

We really really mean it. Get an instant shine by applying mango pulp to your face and leaving it on for 30 minutes (read more about DIY mango face treatments). Mix mango pulp with gram flour (besan), almonds, and 1 teaspoon of honey to remove tan at home quickly and effortlessly.

4) Clean It

Scrub it

If you can, spread it all over your body or face. To prepare an exfoliant for smooth skin, combine the mango pulp with 50 grammes of sugar and 3 tablespoons of milk. To remove dead skin, you may also prepare a face scrub by combining the pulp with milk, almond flour, and crushed oats.

5) Cover It

Mask it

Make your hair lustrous, manageable, and frizz-free by using it as a hair mask. A ripe mango’s pulp, 1 tablespoon yoghurt, and 2 egg yolks are all you need. Make a paste out of the components, then apply it to the ends of damaged hair for 30 minutes. Results will be seen sooner than you anticipate.

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