8 Health And Beauty Benefits Of Tamarind

Are you sick of your mother always adding imli, or tamarind, to her food to give it an extra sour flavour? After that, you’ll want to incorporate it into your skincare routine in addition to pleading with her to go on. Tamarind provides a number of advantages, including skin exfoliation, diabetic management, and weight loss prevention.

What Is The Tamarind’s Nutritional Value?

tamarind benefits

Tamarind has too many health advantages to list here because it is so full of nutrients. However, it also possesses catechin, AHAs, citric acid, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidizing qualities, to mention a few that can capture your attention.

Here are eight way to how including tamarind in your diet and skincare routine will benefit your health:

1) Evens Skin Tone And Exfoliates

Exfoliates and evens skin tone

Citric acid and AHAs in tamarind help remove dirt, dead skin cells, and other impurities from the skin. In addition to hydrating your skin and eliminating excess sebum, which causes oily skin, this natural exfoliant also evens out your skin’s tone. Prior to tamarind exfoliation, prepare your skin with the Simple Booster Serum.

2) Calms The Skin

Soothes skin

As previously mentioned, tamarind offers various skin benefits due to its high vitamin A, C, and flavonoid content, which guards against the aging-causing free radicals. Tamarind pulp can be applied to reduce inflammation and itchiness on the skin. For softer skin, finish with Simple Kind to Skin Soothing Facial Toner.

3) Reduces Liver Damage

liver injuries

Tamarind juice consumption is beneficial for liver conditions including chronic inflammation or organ stress. Antioxidant and vitamin E-rich, it shields the liver from free radical damage. Did you know that tamarind contains the essential minerals magnesium, nickel, and iron for a healthy immune system?

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4) Regulates Weight

Controls weight

Do you love sweets yet struggle to manage your weight? The only sweet and sour fruit that can prevent weight gain and obesity is the tamarind. Tamarind also lowers bad cholesterol levels, a side effect of clinical obesity, if you have been given the diagnosis and are unable to lose weight. Additionally, it reduces the activity of fatty acid synthase, which is one of the processes that initially causes weight gain.

5) Constipation Is Treated

taramind Treats constipation

Although many people don’t mind constipation as a result of a great dinner, it might ultimately harm your health. Your body eventually turns into a concentration point for pollutants, which results in dull skin. Since tamarind is a laxative, boiling it in water and consuming it is the ideal option. Since tamarind is rasam’s main component, you can also choose a dish that is more flavorful.

6) Prevents Bacterial Illnesses

Prevents microbial diseases

Since it may also be used to cure fever and the common cold, tamarind is truly all-purpose. It was once used as traditional medicine and is now utilised as a home cure to speed up recovery from colds and even malaria in addition to your prescribed meds because of its anti-microbial characteristics.

7) Controls Diabetes

Manages diabetes

Yes, tamarind offers a tonne of amazing advantages, including managing diabetes! It lowers blood sugar levels and works wonderfully on irritated pancreatic cells, a major contributor to diabetes. By producing new pancreatic beta cells, it also aids in the restoration of missing insulin.

8) Minimises Hypertension

Helps hypertension

Since the tamarind plant is known to have anti-hypertensive properties, even the seeds can be employed. Eating it can thereby treat aberrant lesions on the artery walls, lower the chance of clogged arteries, and manage blood pressure. Its anti-inflammatory characteristics help the skin as well as avoid cardiovascular illnesses that might be brought on by high blood pressure.

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