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Simple Ways Men Can Instantly Improve Their Style

You’ve decided you need to improve your style—now what? While it might be tempting to run out and buy a bunch of new outfits, the good news is that you don’t need to.

There’s plenty you can do right now with the clothes you already have to upgrade your style. It all just depends on how you put outfits together, and we have some tips to get you started:

Wear Clothes that Fit

First and foremost, you will look infinitely better in clothes that are actually your size. That doesn’t mean you have to go out and buy an entirely new wardrobe—you can simply take your clothes to a tailor and let them do the rest.

The best part is, it’s surprisingly cheap. Most people think that tailors are for wedding dresses and tuxedos, but you can take anything from jeans to dress shirts to the tailor and walk out with something that actually fits. The difference will be as noticeable as it is instantaneous.

You can also shop smarter online. There are ways to ensure that clothes you order from online shops actually fit well. It just takes a little know-how.

Make Sure Your Clothes Match

This is perhaps the easiest way to up your style game, and also the most obvious faux pas when done incorrectly. It can seem impossible to figure out what matches, but there are some easy tips that can help you decide in a pinch.

First, aim for contrast in your outfit. If you’re wearing a light shirt, wear dark pants. If you’re wearing light pants, wear a dark shirt. Things like jeans and khakis, though, go with pretty much everything. If you really want to become knowledgeable on matching colors, refer to the color wheel.

Second, go through your clothes and try putting outfits together. If you own a lot of black tops, they can go with any bottom and can be your go-to choice. If you realize you have some clothes that don’t really match well with anything–think of what it would go perfectly with.

Next time you go shopping, you can search for the perfect pair of pants that will match that top you love. This way, when you are spending money on clothes, you know you’re going to get use out of your new purchases.

Pick a Style and Run with It

From trad to streetwear, there are hundreds of different styles out there for you to choose from. Once you narrow it down a little, the first step isn’t to go out and buy clothes that fit that style, it’s actually to look at your own wardrobe and see what pieces you have that will fit. What’s important here, though, is that you have a cohesive style.

Mixing elements of multiple styles may make you stand out, but it certainly won’t be in a good way.It’s also important to note that you have a style whether you realize it or not. Often, people view clothing styles as esoteric, foreign ideas that aren’t grounded in reality for everyday people. That couldn’t be further from the truth! Even if your style is “soccer mom” or “sports fanatic,” it exists. Don’t be afraid to stick with your current style or branch out to a new style and reinvent yourself.

Upgrade Your Shoe Game

If you have to pick one thing to purchase that will instantly boost your style, it’s a pair of shoes. What else do you wear with almost every outfit? Start taking note of what other people wear every day, and I’m sure you won’t be impressed. The good news is that means an upgrade will go a long way, so buying new shoes is always a good place to start.

It’s crucial that your shoe style matches the rest of your outfit. That could mean boots if you’re going for a rougher look, or boat shoes if your style is more preppy. There is one exception to this rule: sneakers. A stylish pair of sneakers is practically plug-and-play with any outfit. Grab a pair of Nike Presto Flys or Adidas NMDs and upgrade every outfit you wear all at once.

Wear the Right Clothes for the Right Situation

We’ve all been there. You show up to an event, look around, and realize you are egregiously underdressed. Or, maybe you have that friend who always wears a blazer in every situation. While these are extreme examples on opposite sides of the spectrum, the takeaway is the same: tailoring your outfit to the event is a crucial part of upping your style game.

If you’re worried you might over-do it, ask around and see what other people are wearing–this can help with narrowing your choices down. If that isn’t an option, go for something that is comfortable, but stylish enough for the occasion. You can wear more casual pants, but pair them with nice shoes and a cool jacket. By wearing something like this, you’re not completely over or underdressed.

We’ve all heard the phrase “it’s better to be overdressed than underdressed,” and while that certainly still holds true, there’s a lot of leeway nowadays in terms of what items are considered casual.

For example, you can rock a pair of sneakers to work if the rest of your outfit calls for it. Worry less about having every piece of your outfit adhere to a level of dress, and more about the overall effect of those pieces put together.

Rock Whatever You Wear with Confidence

Confidence is key in every area of life, and that certainly applies to fashion. Admittedly, it may feel a little uncomfortable to rock a new style for the first time. That’s okay! Everyone has been in that situation at one point or another.

If you have a piece of clothing that you love but are worried others might not approve of it–wear it anyway. Everyone has their own style, so it’s likely not everyone will like what you wear.

What’s important is that you use your new style to boost your confidence instead of questioning yourself. The effect it will have on how other people view your style change can’t be understand—if you feel good, you will look good!

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