Five Secret Tips of Travel Photographers That Use for Better Photos

A good travel picture is a precious thing, but anyone who tries to capture beautiful views or a magnificent cathedral knows how difficult it is to translate the photos you see into photos. Here I come in. As an independent photographer, my job is to take incredibly fast and effective photos. I saw a lot of mistakes as I watched a tourist try to make their photo tour, and you might be surprised how many of them are easy to fix.

  1. Stop taking art Pictures

The art of shooting is human. Take a picture of sacred art.
Don’t get me wrong: Italian sculpture is the perfect subject for photography, as well as the monument and all the great memorial churches. This is a land that should be avoided. A few months ago, I went on a one-day trip to the Uffizi Gallery in Florence, Italy. A group of 25 tourists joined the Botticelli group!
Then what should I do?
Take detailed photos – paint the canvas, the golden frame, and the things that make you feel best. You can see the full picture of Google’s artwork, but the small details of “I’m there” make more accurate pictures. It will never be a fax masterpiece.

  1. Don’t take too many selfies

Don’t take pictures of yourself in the Coliseum, just point the camera at the people you walk with – you won’t regret it.
It has been very tough to complain about people taking selfies in famous places, but personally I think they can work at the right time and place. Unfortunately, there is almost never the right time or place for famous monuments. Even monuments like the Colosseum usually look small and crowded in the corner of the frame next to your head. Instead, I recommend that you pass the camera on to your family and friends. Grab them and talk under the square or shape. Volunteer to attend Piazza Navona shows and use the camera to go crazy.
Then what should I do?
Hold on, nothing. Tells a story, not a story. If you need to draw, try to get the most out of your surroundings (more at the moment). If you have friends who can’t get rid of their self-habits, take photos of those who take pictures in scenic places – your photo memory is bigger, I promise!

  1. Stop taking old-fashioned pictures

I know, I know, selfie sticks aren’t cool, even if they’re very popular. Plus, if you go to a gallery or a very crowded place, you really have to leave them at home (Italian museums are going to ban them because people have been hurting art over the past year). If you’ve said that when you’re out in the wild, you let me pull a selfie stick!
Then what should I do?
Do not position the camera with the joystick at 90 degrees. Go 110 degrees or even 130 degrees (so the camera is closer to parallel than vertical). This way, you can put your hands away and take pictures without sticks while taking pictures. My two selfies were made with a selfie character. If you don’t see the letter, they will get better!

  1. Son, we need to talk about your Instagram food …

My usual travel policy is to name only one food photographer per travel group. However, if you have to catch all the incredible Italian food and are in danger of cooling down during this time, try to move fast and let your camera go on special occasions.
Then what should I do?
Try to focus on things that surprise you, are interesting, or are considered “travel first.” Just because it looks good does not mean that it should be captured. In a few days, the pictures will not look so special. But if this is your first time to taste homemade lasagna, go crazy!

  1. Do not share photos as quickly as possible

As a professional photographer, you can immediately lose the idea. If you record your trip carefully, whether for the audience or just for fun, you don’t have to do it in real-time. That means sharing up to one or two social media photos each day – enough for people to see you are doing well, not anymore.
Then what should I do?
Take lots of pictures and press them. There are a short time and space between leisure and the return, and other wonderful things along the way come to light. Your favourite must see you again. If my friend likes me why I spend postprocessing time instead of automatic settings, I said that my editing time is not 10 minutes and the picture is not worth showing to anyone.
Author Bio:
Hi, This is Alessia Cara from Italy and I am an Italy Wedding Photographer as well as an adventurist. I have completed my education in modern photography from the University of Bologna. My h0bbies are reading, writing stories as well as making a story from photographs.

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