15+ Mens Fashion Facts

15+ Men’s Fashion Facts Every Guy Needs To Know

Do you know a cool men’s fashion fact, dear reader?

With the way our lives have become, we barely have time to take a breather and look up facts about the most random things that are also the most important.

Indian society has sidelined men’s fashion for a while now. But the growing entrepreneurial world has also seen the rise of new men’s wear brands that are promoting stylishly comfortable fashion for men from all types of backgrounds. Let’s get acquainted with them.

16 Must-Known Men’s Fashion Facts

Regardless, there are countless men’s fashion facts that you can learn and navigate the male fashion industry better.

Let’s start with them, then.

1. Most Of The Men’s Printed Shirts Are Hand Block Printed.

Gone are the days when the best men’s printed shirts would be churned out of a machine. Now, brand founders have understood that ‘handmade’ has more value and that promoting local artisans is more rewarding than it sounds.

Most of the men’s printed shirts that you see in markets today have been created using a timeless textile technique called hand block printing. This adds a personal touch to every garment and makes it more unique.

No machine-made, unemotionally-created shirts for men which do not tell a story.

2. Button-down Shirts Were Invented Because Of…

Polo players! That’s right. This invention occurred because the players felt that their flapping collars were a massive distraction.

Then came shirts that had buttons sewed into them. All thanks to the Brooks Brothers.

3. French People Did Not Come Up With French Cuff

It was the British who popularized it in Europe and then men’s cuffs became a significant style statement around the world.

4. Guess What Pocket Squares Were Used For?

We know, we know. Each men’s fashion fact gets better than the last.

So, here’s the thing – those eye-catchy pocket squares were used to blow noses or dry hands in the 14th century.

When handkerchiefs and tissues replaced them, pocket squares started being more finely cut and became the ideal fashion accessory that we know and use today.

5. Men Used To Wear High Heels At One Point…

Yeah, this one shocked us too.

It was the noblemen of the 16th century who slid into this currently women-exclusive footwear.

But, can you blame these noblemen? They saw high heels as a sign of status and wealth. They were even worn by the French king Louis XIV!

6.The Buttons On Suit Sleeves Were Originally Designed For…

Wartime surgeons! You read that right. And, there’s sufficient logic behind it – they needed to roll up their sleeves quickly on the battlefields to save lives.

Cut to today and the buttons on suit sleeves are a sign of a tailor-made suit for every man out there.

7. Buttons On The Left Or Right?

Well, for men, the buttons are always stitched on the left side while women will find the buttons to be on the right side.

And, the latter is because, in prehistoric times, buttons were reserved for wealthy females who would presumably have right-handed maids who could sew back the buttons if they ever fell.

8. The First Fashion Magazine Was For…


Le Mercure Galant dates back to 1672 in France.

It was aimed at male readers and its content revolved around current news, fashion, luxury goods, etiquette, and court life at that time.

Later on, it evolved into a full-on fashion magazine for the gents!

9. Pink Used To Be A Masculine Colour…

This is how we got there: pink was considered a light shade of red when the latter was and has always been associated with war.

Several sources state that well-respected men wore pink suits with flowers embroidered on them in the 18th century.

10. Men + Jewellery = Not A Weird Combo

Did you know that during the course of time, men have worn the same type of jewellery as women?

This was most common during the Renaissance era and a sign of immense power as well as wealth.

11. The waterproof jacket was invented by…

A Scottish chemist by the name of Charles Macintosh weaved two fabrics together. The outer layer had a liquid-rubber compound which resulted in what the world now calls the Macintosh jacket.

12. Gingham Stripes Or Checks?

Traditionally, the word ‘gingham’ means ‘striped’ and comes from the Malaysian term ‘Genggang’.

And, this is what this trend was supposed to be until the British found out and coined their own definition of ‘gingham’ by making it have a checked print in men’s shirts, pants, etc.

13. Who Invented The Safety Pin, Though?

A woman, right? Nope. An American man by the name of Walter Hunt came up with it in 1849.

Now, we know whom to thank for this simple yet most useful fashion accessory.

14. Did The “Man Bun” Come From Japanese Warriors?

The truth of the matter is that Japanese warriors wore their hair in a small ponytail after shaving the front of their heads. It wasn’t a style statement but an act of protection as well as a way to avoid being distracted from their tresses.

15. A Study Says Men Wear Blue When…

They’re going on a date and cannot find anything else to wear.

So, if you have a wrinkle-free blue printed shirt lying around and have a date planned, you know what to do.

16. The Trend Of A Suit’s Bottom Button Left Unopened Was Created By…

King Edward VII, that too unknowingly as he was a rather plump man and felt constricted due to the button.

Now you are aware of every important men’s fashion fact there is to learn!

Wrapping Up:

“Know your clothes”- that’s what we believe in and this is exactly what this blog wishes to do.

We hope you read something interesting and will pass it on to your friends and family. Until then, it is our sincere hope that you keep getting to know amusing facts about men’s fashion.

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