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Kids Jewelry: Trends to Make Special Memories with Your Little Ones

Kids’ jewelry is nevertheless the most sought-after memory for parents. Birthdays, special occasions, marriages, and every win the child brings home to make memories. What could be the best trophies then jewelry gifted on every such occasion? Long-lasting, durable and lustrous, these kids’ jewelry pieces make the right assemblage, sometimes, even for generations after.

When in doubt about gifts to children, do not hesitate from making fond memorabilia with jewelry pieces for kids. Some families have a tradition of gifting a piece of jewelry to each of the children who join the family year after year. Some choose to gift them on special occasions like Birthday, Christmas etc. The snowy white and the heart’s kindred spirit join hands to gift and hang small wishes and kids’ jewelry on Birthday.

Do you feel enough motivated to start a custom or a tradition of your own within the family? To fuel the fire, we bring you some bright trending kids’ jewelry ideas for brightening up this Birthday.

Trending kids’ jewelry for This Birthday

There are numerous ongoing kids’ jewelry trends in the kids’ segment for the Christmas, New Year, and birthdays that fall during this time range. Here are some such examples, we are sure; you can’t turn your face from.

  1. A wreath shaped Tiara

A tiara is a girl’s best fantasy. You might have often spotted your kid making tiaras out of necklaces and pendants. If your child does that, gift her a tiara, and she cannot be more than happy. A Tiara makes her feel queen-like, and this is why a wreath shapes Tiara can work wonders for her Birthday.  You can try silver Tiaras with bright-colored stones for a start. She can keep it forever with her and if you want her to wear it always, go for an adjustable piece instead. She can keep adjusting it to her head size and keep wearing it till she can.

  1. Chain with hanging bells and angels for charms

Charms with hanging bells, angels, cats, and snowflakes can be a bright gift for your child. You could either try silver or even gold chains with dainty dangles. Pray they protect her from darkness and light it up as a present. She will love the jingling noise and the shiny pendants fantasising about them year after year.

  1. Santa face bracelets for your child or charm bracelets

As reported by Airbnb, The most loved fantasy figure in the world is held by none other than Santa Claus. Imagine your child finding out that she can have a small Santa around her wrist always, won’t she want to keep it and secretly make wishes to it? Of course, she will love it, try a more ornate and sleeker Santa with a rotund tummy and a brilliant, sparkling smile.

  1. Bell or flowery anklets

Anklets are often loved more by children compared to chains and rings. They love something dancing around their feet. But the limitation is that anklets as a kid’s jewelry are popular only among girls. It is still one of the best gifts and is often preserved in the growing-up years by a girl.

  1. Try cross pendants

The sanctity and protection of Christ can be bestowed early on the child. Go for the kid’s jewelry that has a cross or many crosses, and she or he can wear it for a long time.


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  1. Makeover earrings for Birthday

Birthday is famous for cakes, puddings, carols, music, reindeers, Santa Claus, and even bells and chimes.

Try kids earrings, and try different designs and keep altering them to form a makeover collection.

The joys of ringing bells, rhyming hymns and carols, music, and dance, Santa and the reindeer, all come together to become one. What if you could capture one tiny piece of this moment and pass it on as kids’ jewelry to your children on this special day.

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