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5 Curvy Mid-Size Girls Fashion Advice

So you have a curvaceous, medium body type. That’s fantastic. The benefit of living in this day and age is that more sizes and bodies are publicised and normalised. Mannequins with more realistic body proportions are now available. More brands are offering sizes other than the standard XS and plus-size options. The most essential thing is to push yourself out of your comfort zone and try on outfits you’d like to wear once you’re more at ease.


Here are top 5 Fashion Tips for mid-size girls:


1. Self-assurance

Self assurance fashion

Now, before you assume this is a get-out-of-jail-free card, think again. Do you want to know what gives those models their glitz and glam? They walk with purpose and stand erect. You’ll never look nice if you crouch and try to conceal because you’re not feeling well. Don’t let anyone pull you down. Stand up, smile, and don’t let anyone bring you down. Everything else is built on a foundation of confidence. Once you’ve nailed that, everything else will be a breeze, and you’ll be able to simply roll your eyes at anyone who makes a snide remark. If it’s in your size and fits, all you truly need is your body and confidence. I know it’s easier said than done, so start by wearing an outfit that makes you nervous or is outside of your comfort zone at home. When you think you’ve nailed it, go grocery shopping or do errands in the outfit. Simply boost your self-esteem till you’re comfortable in whatever you’re wearing!


2. Clothes

curvy clothes

You shouldn’t be concerned about wearing dresses. Place a belt over your hips and at the tiniest area of your waist to give off a more hourglass look if you have a flowy dress that feels too boxy for you and want to enhance your body. Finding a dress that is snug in all the right places is the key to success with dresses. If it’s a cap sleeve, make sure it’s not squeezing your arm, otherwise you’ll be tempted to cover it with a cardigan (yes, cardigans over sundresses are nice, but don’t use them as a safety blanket). A dress should hug your hips and drop into the waist, while being elastic and loose around your legs. You can wear spanks if you like, so don’t worry if it displays your stomach line. But keep in mind that you should flaunt your natural form rather than hide it!3.


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3. Rub Chub

chub rub

This could be a serious issue for you, and if it is, remember that most women who carry weight on their legs get chub rub. It can be rather unpleasant, and it is frequently the reason why women refuse to wear dresses or skirts. So, here are a few pointers for voluptuous midsize ladies. To avoid chafing, wear boy shorts underneath your dress or skirt if it is long enough. Don’t worry if your skirt or dress is too short to wear biker shorts. The tried-and-true deodorant technique is always available. You may need to reapply deodorant to your legs during the day, but if this isn’t an issue for you, the problem is fixed. Anti-chaffing rubs are also available. Target carries a few, which can be found in the beauty area. You may need to experiment with a couple to see which ones last longer and work best for your skin type, but they are pretty inexpensive and simple to come by these days.

4. The Use of Color Blocking

color blocking tips

I believe that more curvy-figured people recognise the importance of emphasising their curves to emphasise their feminine figure. The goal is to do it in a relaxed manner that you can include into your daily routine. Pair a basic white bodysuit with a pair of black high-waisted pants. This highlights the dips in your waist-to-hip ratio without becoming overbearing. You might choose a bodysuit with a high rise cut if you want a more confident and bold style. This cut is really flattering on the contours of our natural forms. This look is popular among celebs, so you know it works.

5. Additions

fashion accessories women

You know what they say: the best accessory is a smile. The most important thing is to feel comfortable and secure in your own skin. It’s fine if you’re not ready to give up your sweatpants or athleisure wear in favour of a spaghetti strap dress. Accessorize your usual outfits until you feel confident enough to try something different. This can be effective in even the tiniest of ways. You could, for example, wear a grey sweatsuit with vivid red lips. When you’re in the process of breaking out of your comfort zone but are still afraid to attempt new clothing, there’s always spanks and sweaters to keep you warm. That’s good, as long as you don’t become stuck in your rut. If you’re wearing joggers and sandals, consider adding an anklet. To get used to capturing people’s attention, wear bright statement jewellery. You queens, best of luck with your styling!


Which of these suggestions will you implement? Please let us know in the comments section below!

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