How To Make The Transition From Summer To Winter Wardrobe

One of the most depressing aspects of the sluggish transition from summer to fall is the exchange of light summer dresses and airy skirts for cumbersome sweaters and thick layering. Chunky knits and soft corduroys have a warm, inviting appeal at the start of autumn. You see yourself with your hands completely engulfed by cable knit strands, taking sanctuary by a crackling fire in a quaint house wrapped in amber foliage and soft grey mist (just me?). In either case, the thrill of sweater weather can fade quickly when every tree ceases to inspire an Instagram post and you realise you’ve been wearing the same three sweaters every day. Don’t get stuck in a rut this winter. If you open your closet and crave for your favourite summer clothes, fear not: they can and should be incorporated into your winter outfit with some layering and imagination.


Here is Four Tips To Make The Transition From Summer To Winter Wardrobe

1. Cropped tees

Crop tops were ubiquitous this summer, the more modest younger sister of the Britney Spears-era belly shirt. There’s a good chance you have one or two collecting dust in the back of a drawer someplace, begging to be seen. No matter how toned your New Year’s Resolution abs are, you probably don’t want to expose your belly button during the harsher winter months. High-waisted jeans and a bulky oversized sweater make up for the difference.

2. Vests made of denim

On the fashion landscape, denim vests and jackets are continuously making a comeback. So you’ve undoubtedly bought one for yourself at some point. Denim vests are an easy touch to a casual basic black leggings outfit and are lovely and surprising over a solid sweater.

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3. Dresses for the beach

The ease of slipping on a simple dress and calling it a day is one of the finest aspects of dressing for warmer weather. In the winter, the comfort of a one-piece outfit is practically unattainable, but your favourite sundresses can be entirely reimagined with simple layering. Multicolored dresses are ideal for transitioning from one season to the next. Choose a sweater in a darker, more subdued hue.



Tights are a great technique to make lighter garments more versatile. When worn over tights, coloured shorts in subtle tones transform into a sleek winter outfit.

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