5 Style Advice For Bridesmaids For Winter Weddings

Planning a wedding, especially one in the winter, is among the most thrilling and difficult things you can do. Even while just 9% of weddings take place in the winter, according to The Knot, there are several benefits to being married in the cooler months. Not to mention all the creative ways you may style your winter wedding theme, your images will look stunning and you’ll enjoy better venue rates during the off-season.

It’s time to consider your bridesmaids’ attire now that you have your stunning wedding dress and engagement ring ready. On your wedding day, your bridesmaids are here to encourage you. For a winter wedding, you must make sure they are both fashionable and cosy. These eight excellent bridesmaid style recommendations for winter weddings apply to any type of wedding you’re planning.

Discover what your bridesmaids should wear and how to style their look for your special day by reading on.

1) Buy from them

Shop with Them

You could feel anxious about planning your big day’s wardrobe. It’s possible that your bridesmaids share your anxiety. They will, after all, have a significant role. When your bridesmaids go dress, shoe, and accessory shopping, accompany them in person. If you can’t be there in person, invite them to video chat with you while they’re shopping in person or online so that you can be there in spirit. Encourage them to find a dress they’ll genuinely wear again even after your wedding and fall in love with it.

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2) Make certain they are at ease.

Make Sure They’re Comfortable

Nobody desires to wear an irritating bridesmaid outfit. You might want to think about wearing more layers than just a dress at a winter wedding. If any portion of the wedding will be held outside, you may need to think outside the box and choose for a warmer clothing with fashionable pantsuits and blazers rather than a lightweight dress.

Likewise, consider the shapes and sorts of their bodies. What suits your friend with the pear shape might not suit your friend with the more athletic build as well. Be willing to let your bridesmaids wear unique looks that nevertheless follow the general theme of the bridal party’s attire. Consider allowing one friend to wear a stunning silver pantsuit and another to wear a silver dress that reaches their calves if the theme of your wedding is a winter wonderland.

3) Clothing Should Complement Your Wedding’s Theme

Outfits Should Match Your Wedding Theme

Consider how the bridesmaid dresses will complement your wedding theme before deciding on the dress’ length, cut, or even colour. In comparison to your own wedding gown or tuxedo, how will it look? A striking coat may also be part of their bridesmaid attire. Your bridesmaids can wear icy blue or attire with snowflakes on it if you’re opting for an icy blue winter wedding theme. They can accessorise with reindeer necklaces and icicle earrings, two traditional winter motifs.

4) Consider the entire ensemble.

whole outfits

You should consider what your bridesmaids will be wearing from head to toe in addition to just the dress. What kind of hairstyle do you like your bridesmaids to wear? Do you want your bridesmaids’ hair up or down? Would you prefer everyone’s hair to be down? Do you have a favourite hairstyle in mind, such as braids or a bun?

Rich jewel tones like sapphire, emerald, or ruby red are frequently used in winter wedding themes. Your bridesmaids can wear hues that coordinate with those jewel tones or take a different approach by wearing muted hues like periwinkle, greyish blue, or slate grey.

5) There’s No Need for It to Be Perfect

It Doesn’t Have to be Perfect

Your bridesmaids don’t need to resemble models from a department store catalogue. They simply need to have a general theme or look that you’re all keeping to. It wouldn’t make sense for your bridesmaids to wear structured satin dresses if you are opting for a boho winter wedding. It’s not necessary for your bridesmaids to wear identical dresses if you’re planning a black tie affair; nonetheless, you should ensure that they are all dressed appropriately for the occasion.


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