Genius Hacks To Fake An Hourglass Body

Clever Ways to Get the Look of an Hourglass Figure

With equal-sized shoulders and hips and a thin waist, an hourglass body would be so appealing! Only a small percentage of the population actually does, however.

Make yourself look like an hourglass with our styling tips, Even if you don’t have an hourglass figure. Here’s how it’s done:…

Ideal for people with pear-shaped bodies.

For a pear-shaped body

Your hips are the problem area. Wear padded blazers and blouses on your shoulders to even things out. When choosing colours, be careful. Dark tops will draw attention to your pear shape rather than elongate it, so avoid them at all costs. For an hourglass illusion, opt for light-colored tops and dark or rich-colored bottoms.

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For a body shaped like an apple

For an apple-shaped body

Your upper body is the area in need of improvement. Balance your shoulders and bust by opting for flared bottoms in lightweight fabrics. Stick to dark colours and less detailing on your upper body, especially around your bust and stomach. V-neck tops and A-line skirts can help you fake the perfect figure when worn with denim pants.

Figures with the shape of a ruler

For a ruler-shaped figure

Your shoulders and hips are already equal in size, so all you need to do is define your waist. You can create the appearance of an hourglass figure by wearing A-line dresses and skirts that cinch at the waist or by wearing a skinny belt. For a more feminine look, don’t be afraid to go bold with your colour choices.

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