A Gentleman’s Guide to Summer Colors for Men

When it comes to summer fashion, it’s never just about the girls. Male fashion need not take a back seat, as men can also find their fun in pastel colours and dainty prints to liven things up this summer even if it is easier for women to do so.

Always wanted to try it? There is always a first time for everything. So, boys and men,

Here are The Five Amazing Tips to Summer Colors for Men:

1) A lovely shade of yellow

Hello yellow

Isn’t it obvious that if not now, then when? As a bonus, it’s a good idea to wear it in conjunction with other colours like mustard, ochre, or honey. Primrose Yellow it is!

Best  Tip: Slim-fit shirts are the best option.

2) Pink is a good colour to go with

Think Pink

Because of Pantone’s Rose Quartz, it’s been established that pink isn’t just for girls anymore—which your girlfriend loved and you didn’t mind. This year’s Pale Dogwood and the newest Millennial Pink are even better!

Best  Tip: Wear Polo shirts

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3) Achieve victory over Blue

Beat Blue

Blue is always in style for those who prefer to stick to the tried and true. Island Paradise (love!) and Lapis Blue (the sexiest twist on navy) are the two new colours for this year.

Best  Tip: Shorts and chinos are your best bet for the occasion.

4) Being a Beige Color

Being Beige

When it comes to fashion, neutrals are the only thing that can be counted on. Because of the colour of your skin and the fact that you’re in a safe area! So go ahead and use Ecru, Champagne Beige, and Hazelnut to your heart’s content.

Best  Tip: There isn’t much to worry about.

5) Go With Green

Go Green

Finally, Pantone’s 2017 Color of the Year, Greenery, for men. Because no one ever said men’s fashion was going to be left out of the picture. Kale is another option for those who prefer a more subdued shade of green, but this summer, green is all the rage.

Best  Tip: Wear Ties and sunnies

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