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Use These Healthy Substitutes To Conquer Your Cravings

Don’t we all agree that our biggest adversaries might often be our cravings? These are the periods when we tend to binge on sugary foods or unhealthy snacks, which can have long-term negative effects on our bodies.


Wish there was a healthy way to sate these cravings? It is definitely feasible! Watch for yourself…

1) Cravings chocolate

Chocolate cravings

Anybody will admit that they frequently crave chocolate, which not only has a high sugar content but also contains caffeine, which can temporarily boost your energy but can cause anxiety and despair. What can you choose if you have a serious chocolate craving?

Change to dark chocolate instead, which includes soluble fibre and minerals and is good for the body when ingested in moderation. Additionally, it contains a number of antioxidants that might enhance blood flow and reduce blood pressure.

Choose the strawberries that have been covered in chocolate. A chocolate bar is still more preferable to chocolate coated in strawberries. Because strawberries include Vitamin C, which has the ability to improve skin condition and promote immunity, mixing strawberries with chocolate only makes it healthier.

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2) Cravings sugar

Sugary cravings

When you give in to your sugar need, you could experience a sugar high, but over time, this makes you feel incredibly lethargic because cortisol, a hormone that can cause significant stress and disrupt your sleep cycle, is released. Why not try them instead of something sweet when you’re craving it?

Reach for some prunes; fruits are among your greatest bets for quelling sugar cravings. However, dried prunes would also work for this, so you may also choose those. In addition to providing fibre that lowers blood sugar levels and eventually curbs cravings, a prune has 25 calories per serving.

Try making frozen banana ice cream. Okay, so it’s not actually ice cream, but all you have to do is cut up some frozen bananas. After that, combine them in a blender. You end up with a creamy smoothness that resembles ice cream—ideal for quelling your sugar cravings! Bananas are tasty and only have about 100 calories. Additionally, they contain a lot of potassium, which controls blood pressure.

3) Cravings crunchy

Crunchy cravings

The best of us are always tempted to reach for a bag of potato chips when we are craving something crunchy, not realizing that they contain trans fats that raise the risk of heart disease by blocking arteries. In addition, they contain a lot of salt, which makes them responsible for hypertension. Here are some alternatives you could choose from:

Eat some hummus chips; they’re baked, not greasy, and packed with protein and fibre. Hummus chips are made of a mixture of chickpea flour and potato starch. Therefore, it is likely that after eating these, you will feel satisfied and relatively full.

Godrej Nature’s Basket offers hummus chips for 280.

Eat some pistachios if you want a nutty, crunchy snack. Decide on pistachios. These are an excellent source of proteins, fiber, vitamins, and minerals as a snack. So the next time you want potato chips, try pistachios instead.

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