5 Ways To Shield Your Skin From Computer Radiation

It’s impossible to resist spending hours in front of a computer or phone these days. But we can’t argue that we weren’t forewarned about the radiation-related side effects of computers! We are aware that the effects of this radiation on the skin increase the risk of skin cancer.

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While technology cannot be avoided, there are steps you may take to lessen its damaging effects on your skin.

Continue reading for five advice on how to shield your skin from technology-related harm:

1) It All Depends On What You Consume.

It’s all about what you eat

Consume more foods high in antioxidants like avocados, walnuts, tomatoes, and other similar foods since they help to prevent the generation of free radicals, which prevents skin damage and ageing.

2) Never Go Outside Without Sunscreen.

Make careful to use a moisturiser with SPF if you spend the day outside in the technology-induced radiation. Apply an SPF-infused moisturiser every hour because radiation can be just as damaging to your skin as UV rays. In order to protect your skin against premature ageing, which is also a result of persistent radiation exposure, we advise using anything that also contains an anti-aging solution.

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3) Clear Your Face.

Wash your face

Your face is the part that is closest to the screen, therefore radicle particles get there faster than anywhere else. After utilising a device, wash your face to remove any leftover radicles. Take frequent pauses if you use a computer for extended periods of time to lessen the strain on your eyes.

4) Purchase A Laptop Shield.

Invest in a laptop shield

If you’re using a laptop, get a reflector shield because it will inevitably be on your lap at some point. Your skin and the shield are separated by the shield, which lessens the effects of heat and radiation.

Choose A Moisturiser With A Water Basis.

Go for a water-based moisturiser

The heat from a computer causes skin dryness in addition to all the other negative effects, so you must restore your skin’s moisture balance. To stay hydrated, we advise consuming at least 2 litres of water daily. To keep your face moisturised, you can continue on apply a moisturiser to it. Your skin will be better hydrated with a moisturiser with a water base.

Pro tip: Maintain a distance of at least 18 inches between you and your laptop or computer. Toasted skin syndrome risk can grow with prolonged computer use.


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