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5 Essential Foods To Include In Your Diet To Add Protein

Most people meet their nutritional needs for lipids and carbohydrates, but always fall short when it comes to protein. Protein is a food item that is sometimes overlooked, especially by those who exercise because it is essential for the body to develop muscle.

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Here are five quick ways to add protein to your meals:

1) Broccoli


Broccoli, once thought of as a very Western vegetarian option, is now freely accessible at most vendors. A cup of it contains 5 gms of natural protein, making it a natural protein powerhouse in addition to being a powerhouse of iron. There are no justifications for not including this in your diet because there are so many ways to prepare it, from a straightforward sauté to a bake.

2) Eggs


Eggs are one of the best sources of protein, so it makes sense that the majority of vegetarians will occasionally eat them. Although eggs have historically received a poor name for raising cholesterol levels, recent studies suggest that they may really be beneficial to your health. Each egg contains about 6 gms of protein. It’s helpful for maintaining bone health due to its high vitamin D concentration.

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3) Almonds


In addition to the numerous advantages of almonds that we have already discussed, these nuts are a fantastic source of protein. A quarter of a cup of almonds can provide you with more protein than an egg, making them a great post-workout snack as well as a snack in between meals.

4) Lentils


The fact that lentils make up a large portion of our diet is advantageous because only half a cup of lentils contains roughly 10 g of protein. They are rich in iron and nutritional fiber as well, and when paired with roti or rice, they can be considered to be a complete meal.

5) Fish

Fish (and other lean meats) are high in omega 3 fatty acids and will satisfy your daily protein needs. You can get close to 25 g of protein from 100 g of fish. Another fish-related fact that you probably didn’t know? It also contains significant amounts of zinc and iodine, both of which are critical for healthy thyroid function.

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