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Six Types Of Men You Should Never Respond Positively On Tinder

When it comes to Tinder, you’ve probably heard of it. And, let’s face it, we’ve all used a dating app at some point. Swiping left or right for guys is part of the app experience. It’s time to make a choice. The lucky guy you swipe right on is? Isn’t it difficult to make that decision, isn’t it?

Here are six examples of men you should never respond to on Tinder.

1) The “hippy.

The hipster

It’s most likely that you’ve seen someone like this before. He’ll most likely wear a beanie or a beard in his photos, as well as plaid, and his bio will mention his love of Mumford and Sons. Even though he seems okay, you shouldn’t swipe right for him because he’ll take a long time to ask you out. As soon as he does, he’ll probably ask you to go out with him and his friends to some obscure organic restaurant where they’ll only talk about anime.

2) A frat boy

The almost-frat boy

Using the app, you’ll be able to tell the almost-frat guy from his pictures. How would you describe the quality of these images? At parties, you’ll see him with a variety of attractive women in blurry photos. Beer and partying are likely to be mentioned in the bio he’s putting together. What’s the point of swiping right? Well, it’s probably because he doesn’t want a long-term relationship and just needs a date for the n parties he attends.

3) Musician on his own

lonely musician

He’ll have a few pictures of himself in a hoodie, playing guitar or ukulele, and a short bio because he’s lazy and doesn’t want to bother. What’s the point of swiping right? This guy is definitely a music snob who will make fun of your musical preferences.

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4) The gym-obsessed

The gym freak

When a person is obsessed with working out, how do you tell them apart from the rest of the population? It’s not difficult at all. His images will be enough to identify him. His biceps and abs will be on display in the form of way too many shirtless pictures as he works out or does crunches. Why would you want a man who has such a strong desire to demonstrate his power to you? Simply swipe left to proceed.

5) The person whose identity remains a mystery

guy whose face is a mystery

Tinder users will have no trouble spotting this man. He is also known as “the catfish,” and if you’ve ever seen his blurry photos, you’ll recognise him. You’ll notice that he’s only in or barely visible in the background of nearly all of his photographs. Because he’s the type of guy who’s always willing to text and chat with you but will never agree to meet up in person, you should avoid him. And we have no idea why.

6) The person who uses emojis far too frequently

The one who loves emoji’s a little too much

It is likely that he tried to tell his “story” using only emojis, so his bio will reflect this. When a man is unable to express himself, why would you swipe right on him? Swipe to the left.

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